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Do you collect coins? Are you looking at gold and silver as a possible investment? Does the economy have you doubting the security of paper money? The experts at National Coin have been helping people just like you for almost 60 years. We offer US and Canadian coins as well as gold and silver to consumers, collectors, and investors all across the Unites States. Let our years of experience help you make the best possible purchase for your dollar. Whether you are interested in gold pieces, silver dollars, or bulk coins, we have what you are looking for. Contact us today for all your coin, gold, and silver needs.


Why Buy from National Coin?

National Coin has been providing gold and silver coins and bullion to people across America since 1958. Licensed and bonded in the State of Minnesota, we are a trusted source for anyone who invests in gold and silver. Whether you are looking for something as specific as $20 Gold Pieces or you are interested in bulk coins we can help. We offer a large selection of US Silver Dimes and Quarters, Silver Dollars, Canadian Silver Maple Leafs, and more. We can even help you with your gold and silver investing. In addition, we offer free shipping and handling on all qualified orders!

Why Do People Invest in Gold and Silver?

Paper currency's value is based on demand... how much it is worth in foreign countries, what it will buy you at the grocery store, and how much paper currency is available. It is heavily impacted by inflation and the country's economy which means if the dollar collapses, your paper money has no value. Because of this, many people have begun to invest their money in gold and silver, and more specifically in gold and silver coins. Gold and silver is a tangible investment, meaning that it a physical object that has value. 

Gold and silver is a "tangible asset", meaning that it a physical object that has value like land, or your home. Because gold and silver have a value that is based on itself, rather than what it is backed by (the US Treasury, Stocks, Bonds, etc.) even though the value may fluctuate, it will always have value, unlike paper currency.

But why do people invest in gold and silver coins as opposed to bullion? Coins allow for smaller and "set" denominations of gold and silver and they are a standard purity. Bullion, while available in many different sizes can fluctuate slightly not only in weight, but also in purity, and that impacts value. 

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