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Do you collect coins? Are you looking at gold and silver as a possible investment? Does the large federal debt have you doubting the security of paper money?

At National Coin, we specialize in large quantity gold and silver coin sales. As a coin dealer based in Bloomington, MN, we are licensed and bonded in the state of Minnesota and proudly meet the coin needs of customers across the United States. Highly rated by the BBB, we offer reliable and immediate physical delivery through USPS registered mail or federal express, depending on the shipment size.

Whether you’re interested in gold, silver, or rare coins, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for.

Silver & Gold Investments

The experts at National Coin have been helping people just like you since 1958. We offer US and Canadian gold and silver coins to consumers, collectors, and investors all across the United States. Let our years of experience help you make the best possible purchase for your dollar.

Our products include:

  • U.S. 90% Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars 1878 – 1935
  • U.S. 90% Silver Dimes, Quarters, & Half Dollars (1964 and prior)
  • U.S. Carson City Mint Silver Dollars & Gold Coins
  • U.S. $20 Gold Liberty Head & Saint Gaudens Rare & Common Dates Coins
  • U.S. Silver Eagles 1oz. Pure Coins (20 Piece Rolls to 500 Piece Green Monster Boxes Available)
    U.S. Gold Eagles 1oz. Pure Coins (Also Available: 1/10 oz. | 1/4 oz. | 1/2 oz. pure Gold Eagles Coins)
  • U.S. $5 Gold Modern Commemorative Coins 1/4 oz. (.2418 pure)
  • Canadian Gold & Silver Maple Leafs 1 oz. (.9999 pure)
  • Canadian 80% Pure Silver Dollars 1967 & Before Brilliant Uncirculated & Prooflike
  • Swiss Gold 20 Francs 1/5 oz. (.1867 pure)
  • British Gold Sovereigns 1/4 oz. (.2354 pure)

Why Buy from National Coin?

Jeff Munger founded National Coin in 1958 and has been providing gold and silver bullion coins to people across America ever since. Licensed and bonded in the State of Minnesota, we are a trusted source for anyone who invests in gold and silver. Whether you are looking for something as specific as a rare 20-dollar gold piece or interested in bulk gold and silver coins, we can help.

We offer a large inventory of U.S. 90% silver dollars, U.S. 90% silver dimes, quarters, and half-dollars, Canadian .9999 Silver and Gold Maple Leaf coins, and Canadian Pre-1967 80% silver dollars. We have access to a large selection of all rare US collector coins. Additionally, we offer free shipping and handling on all qualified orders!

Why Invest in Gold & Silver?

20-dollar Gold Coin in Bloomington, MN
U.S. 90% Silver Dollars Coin in Bloomington, MN
Canadian .9999 Gold Maple Leaf coin in Bloomington, MN
Gold, Silver, and Rare coins in Bloomington, MN

1. Diversify Your Investments

Gold and silver is an excellent way to diversify your investments. The percentage of your total investment portfolio is up to you. It can be bought all at once or in increments over time to average your cost at different market levels.

2. Supplement Your Estate

Gold and silver can be a more private part of your estate when you choose physical delivery. We always recommend choosing physical delivery; otherwise, it becomes no different than a paper investment! It can be stored in a safe place of your choice and be easily passed on to heirs or made available for sale.

3. The Concerning Federal Debt

The large, almost 22 trillion dollar government debt is becoming a ticking time bomb. With rising interest rates and the rate the government has to pay to finance its debt, it’s anyone’s guess when it will explode.

4. Physical Value

Paper investments like stocks, bonds, and currency have no physical value like gold and silver coins.

5. Additional Insurance

Gold and silver coins are like an insurance policy on other traditional investments and inflation.

For reliable gold, silver, and rare coin sales, contact us today!

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